Three Sided Shapes

Book design for an artist biography.

Three Sided Shapes was created as part of a student brief that required the design of an artist biography. The artist, Kate Moross, is a self-made illustrator, designer, photographer, and producer from London best known for her work with geometric shapes and ornate typography. The best source of inspiration for the design was from the artist herself, therefore it was important to emphasize on the artist's use of bold colours and utilize this throughout the design. 
Since the artist uses such vivid colours in the design of her artwork, it was decided to use just one image per page to avoid overpowering the spread; the solid coloured backgrounds of the artworks have been extended to the bleed line to add impact to the page. 
As for typographic choices, a heavy sans was chosen for the headings and quotes which compliments the bold theme. Contrasting this is a light serif typeface used to offset the vividness of the rest of the design. 
Headings have been positioned along the vertical center of the spread, creating an interesting look for some pages where the heading has overlapped the paragraph text. An overlaid effect has been used to allow the article text to show through.