Sound Magazine

Branding and layout for a Melbourne music magazine.

Sound Magazine is a student brief concept for a music magazine intended for distribution across Melbourne. The magazine was to act as a guide to the latest news in Melbourne’s music scene, including interviews of local and international talent. 
It was essential for the design to capture the attention of the public with just the cover, so the choice of colour and typeface was critical for the success of design; red was chosen as the primary colour for the branding as it is a strong colour that stands out against light and dark backgrounds. 
A heavy sans typeface has been used for the cover and article headings, adding to the strong contrast look of the design. To provide variation throughout the magazine, a slab serif has been chosen for sub headings and body text; an italic font has been used for article quotes as well as album names and lyrics. 
To further utilise red throughout the magazine, album names and lyrics have been highlighted, quotes have been given a stroke above and below, and the album art has been given a solid outline.