Aussie Farmers Direct

Rebranding for an existing home delivery food business.

The intent of the student brief was to re-envision the look and feel of Aussie Farmers Direct, a multiple award winning home delivery food business that supplies to thousands of homes across Australia. The aim of the concept was to create a clean and modern style, giving the company a fresh new look that would encourage new customers and keep existing customers engaged with the brand. 
The new logo for the brand stems from the previous incorporation of a cow. An assumption can be made that the original concept behind using this particular animal as a brand identity comes from the ‘milkman’ service from when the company first established. Pursuing this gives the new logotype a familiar feel and still allows the existing consumer to connect with the existing company values. 
Various other collateral items were designed to fit the new branding, including delivery vehicles, uniforms, marketing material, as well as company-owned products.